Classes and Payments

Classes are to be paid weekly upon registration for a maximum period of four weeks (this will depend on the date started). On or around the 1st of the each month thereafter, monthly invoices will be emailed out (or printed if the customer has no email address).  Monthly invoices are worked out as follows and include holidays taken throughout the year. No extra holidays will be honoured without payment.  1 hour class = £5.50

£5.50 x 52 weeks = £286 minus 9 weeks holiday per annum (£5.50 x 9 = £49.50)

Total per annum for 1 hour class = £236.50

£236.50 divided by 12 monthly payments = £19.71 per month per hour class. 

In summary: 

1 hour class = £19.71 per month

45 minute class = £16.12  per month

30 minute class = £12.54 per month

Each monthly invoice is for classes beginning the 1st of every month up until and including the last day of each month. Payment due date for invoices is always 8th of every month so please make sure they are paid on time to avoid late payment charges.  Payment can be made by cash, card or by bank transfer. Account details are shown on invoice.

If a monthly payment isn’t made on time there will be a £5 late fee to pay. If your payment is two or more weeks late this will increase to £10 and then classes will be suspended.

 All classes must be paid for regardless of attendance and including HTA closures.

 A completed Enrolment Form and signed terms must be handed in at your first class. If they are not for whatever reason, your attendance at the classes will act as acceptance of our terms and conditions, from the first time you attend.

 If you decide to leave a class or HTA altogether mid month, there will be no refund to be made as at least two weeks notice is to be given.

 Where classes are cancelled by HTA at short notice (although rare), we will e-mail and text all of those listed affected registers at the first opportunity. We are unable to telephone people to advise of cancelled classes so it is advisable to check your email/phone before travelling. Please inform us if your contact details change. All cancelled classes will either be offered as make up class or refunded.

 Tuition fees cover classes only, additional charges are made for dancewear, exams etc.

 Legal and Emergencies

In the event of an evacuation of the building, students in the studio at the time of the alarm will be immediately escorted out of the building via the nearest fire exit by the teacher and will assemble outside. Any parents/guardians in the building should also evacuate as quickly as possible. Everybody present in the building should make themselves familiar with the nearest fire exits. 

First aid will be administered by a teacher if required in an emergency. If necessary, a parent/guardian (and in extreme circumstances an ambulance) will be contacted in the event of an injury or illness.

HTA is only responsible for students while they are in the studio during their own class times. Children cannot be supervised whilst they are outside the studio.

Dance and Acrobatic Dance involve inherent risks and hazards, as many physical activities do. In attending our classes you accept all such risks, dangers, hazards and the possibility of personal injury, property damage, or resulting loss. You release HTA and it’s staff of any and all liability unless caused by negligence. 

It is important to understand that dancing is a physical art.  In order to help and facilitate the student’s learning, teachers will sometimes physically guide a movement by touch, as well as assist in stretching or physically supporting (particularly in Acro).  This will be in a professional manner. 

Dancewear and Appearance

For the first few lessons, casual clothes that allow freedom of movement are acceptable. Students are expected to purchase the full, correct uniform within a few weeks, which they should then wear for all ballet classes.

Although correct uniform is preferred in all classes, a more relaxed attire is allowed for classes other than ballet. Children must wear dance wear i.e. leggings, crop top vests etc.  Correct uniform MUST be worn for all Exams without exception.

All medium to long hair should be appropriately styled.  For ballet, hair must be secured into a neat bun for all classes.  For all other classes a secure ponytail is acceptable. Unless it is very short, hair should never be left down for dance classes.

Children may not wear jewellery or watches in class.  One pair of small earring studs are acceptable for classes but not for exams or performances. Any other visible jewellery should be removed or covered with a plaster/surgical tape to ensure safety. 


All personal details are treated as confidential and only shared with appropriate persons e.g. staff and examining societies as stated in our Privacy Policy which is signed upon registration.

All students should aim to arrive several minutes before their class begins so that we may begin on time.

Any student with an injury should inform the teacher before the class begins so that no potentially harmful exercises are undertaken.

Photographs and video clips of the students are occasionally taken in class for publicity purposes, e.g. website, social media etc. If any parents/guardians would prefer their child not to be included in these, they should inform the Principal upon enrolment.

Bad behaviour and swearing is unacceptable in class.  Children should be well behaved as far as possible and parents should accept the level of discipline and methods of teaching in class. Students causing regular disturbances during class, swearing or answering back to the teacher may be asked to leave HTA following a warning and consultation with the student’s parent/guardian.

Any unwell students that are contagious must not attend classes until after the incubation period. This also applies in the case of conjunctivitis, head lice etc. Students that are not well enough to dance (or are injured) but are well enough to attend are encouraged to do so in order that they may ‘mark’ or watch exercises to help ensure they don’t fall behind.


Barbara (Principal) - FreePhone 0808 1234 428 or07803166241

Contactable Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday.  If contacted on Tuesday or Sunday, a reply will be received the next day 

Hayley (Admin) -

Please only contact the persons named above.  Please do not contact class teachers outside of HTA hours (with the exception of private lesson teachers).  Please feel free to ask us any questions at anytime within the studio. Most of our teachers also work full time outside of HTA and their private time should be just that.